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A Trip To Kuttikkanam

A Trip To Kuttikkanam

Kuttikkanam, is a hill station in Idukki district, Kerala . Peermade. Kanjirappally and Mundakkayam are the nearest towns.Kuttikkanam town is under Peerumedu Gramapanchayath . Located 3500 feet above sea level, it is famous for the tea and coffee plantations . The temperature is cold and consistent throughout the year. The hill station is hit with rainfall now and then. Summers are slightly warmer than other months, but the climate remains pleasant and comfortable. The best time to visit the hill station would be between September and January . Also, it can be visited in summer, between April and August .

Tea Plantation


  • Peeru Hills

    It is named after the saint Peer Mohammad who spent his last days here.. It is just 1 km from Kuttikkanam town

  • Grampi

    It is popularly known as Parunthumpara. Very large rock sculpture which stands 150 feet high at 3,800 feet above sea level, nicknamed as Eagle Rock.  Grampi gives an outstanding view of the green forests and the hills that surround it.

  • Baker hills

    Baker Hills is situated at a distance of 2 kilometres from Kuttikkanam which gives view of sunrise and sunset.

  • Pine Forest

    Pine forest is just 1.6 km from Kuttikkanam town. In that forest there is 30 type of bird species

  • Thottapura.

     The place where the Travancore royal family stored weapons.

  • Panchalimedu

       A viewpoint, according to legend one of the many hiding places of the Pandavas and Panchali. From a pond known as Panchalikkulam the “Makarajyothi”, can be seen, the divine flame lit during the pilgrimage season in Sabarimala

Top Hotels In Kuttikkanam

  • Wisteria Kuttikkanam
  • Misty Mountain Plantation Resort
  • Dream Land Hill Residency

Top Restaurants in Kuttikkanam

  • Open Kitchen Bar Be Que
  • Kohinoor Rice Bowl
  • Beans and Flavours Café

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